Album Credits & Info.



  Bass: Tony Dickinson

  Drums, Keys, Virtual instruments:  Mike Mangini. 

  Guitar *Solos: Gus G.

  Rhythm Guitar and Fills: Ivan Keller

  Vocals, *Guitar Solo on “Deep Inside” Intro: Jen Majura


  Mixing and Additional Production by Jimmy “T” Meslin - James Meslin Audio at DTHQ.

  Mastering by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering, California, USA.

  Management: Frank Solomon, Jake Solomon

  Frank Solomon Management, PO Box 639, Natick, MA

  Album Artwork & Logo by Lauren Mangini

All Music & Lyric composing, Vocal Guide Tracks, Executive Production, All Tracks Editing, Drums, Keyboards, Virtual Instruments, Remote Mixing Consultant, by Mike Mangini.

All musicians recorded themselves independently. Ivan Keller - recorded by Dino Jelusick.

Final Background Vocals Creation by Jen Majura.

Guitar Solos & Creation: Freak of Nature, Invisible Signs, Habit to Change, Not Drowning, Saying Sorry, So Alive (2nd half,) Glamorous Shades (2nd half,) It’s Noise, Seek and Find, by Gus G.

Guitar Solo & Creation on Deep Inside Intro Section, by Jen Majura.

Midi Solos Programming & Creation: Black Box, Let Me Shine, Glamorous Shades (All fills and Solo 1st half,) So Alive (1st half,) by Mike Mangini.

The journey of the tracks: All initial tracks were written, engineered and recorded by Mike and sent to each person individually to re-record themselves, then sent to Mike for review, arrangement and editing, then sent off to Jimmy T. for tweaks & mixing, then sent to Mike for review, then sent back to Jimmy T. for a final mix before they made their final journey to Maor Appelbaum, who mastered the tracks for every imaginable application.

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