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Mike grew up in Waltham, MA, USA. He has had an extensive, musically diverse, award winning career as a drummer, composer, Grammy winner, author, band member, world speed drumming record holder, educator and documentary film festival winner for “A Drummer’s Dream,” in which he was one of seven drummers featured in the movie.  Read his biography.

You can read about his full career on his personal website’s biography tab. The rest of website contains a lot of information about him from gear specs to background stories to his past and present experiences with the sciences and teaching.  You can find that information on mikemangini. 

The Quick Links provide easy access to all of his products, services and social media outlets. Everything from recordings and touring memorabilia, to books, video rentals, personal messages and updated information is there. Mike Mangini Media LLC, is a growing entity who’s “why” mission is to offer hope to anyone interested in developing various physical skills and learning the ‘truths’ of tanbile and intangible things.

Mike has played in many bands, on a fair amount of albums and performed live since the age of five. After he composed the music and lryics for "Insivisible Signs,” he cowrote and played drums for the 64th Grammys “Best Metal Performance” song called, “The Alien.”  

As an educator, his passion for learning and teaching came about becasue he loathed performing. His disdain for it got to the point of running away from a family even at age seven and had to get pulled out of a tree he climbed to escape being forced on stage to play with the band. Although the story itself is quite humorous, it actually was a major event that led to his deep studying into the field of cognitive science to counter performance panic attacks in his late teens and early twenties. This ultimately allowed him to invent his own behavioral change system under the guise of a book for his drumming students he called Rhythm Knowledge. Another imporant part of the developemet of that system was the mathematics and software engineering he studied at Bentley College in his home town of Waltham, MA.  This led to his basing his behavioral change system on software engineering techniques. That approach became Rhythm Knowledge.

You can familiarize yourself with Rhythm Knowledge on its website. It contains an overview of the system, as well as a Zoom Class registration page when Mike holds classes.

Mike Mangini ® is a registered trademark and represents a combined heart & brainwave, along with the inference of drumming, targetted focus and time. From the lyrics on “Invisible Signs,” to his Rhythm Knowledge Books and Human made photo Art Collection called “Beyond Planck,” this brand stands for education and hope… and no coincidences.

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