About “Not Drowning” Lyrics

While listening to the chorus part of this song sometime in 2018, I heard word sounds in my mind and the word “drowning” fit it pretty well. I didn’t want to write about it literally though. Also, the lyrics on this album aren't about personal events or stories and they're supposed to be simple and quickly digestible, but not complex, like the content (below) that I found as I did not want this album to be "prog" in any way.

Searching terms related to "drowning" eventually led me to the word “confusion.” That led me to a myrirad of situations that a person could apply to this lyric per their own interpretation. Among other things, I was interested in the confusion surrounding the findings of Quantum Mechanics. 

I found instances of physicists and mathematicians saying that the test results seemed strange and “wrong," and that they could not reconcile it with their view of reality. Some said there are things about it we cannot know, or maybe are not supposed to know. It seemed to me that spending too much time immersing oneself in it can make a person crazy. Einstein died confounded by it spending countless hours trying to recocile it with the reality he knew. The myriad of unfounded conjectures outside the physics community conjured up a comedy skit in my mind, yet there is something that is not adding up at the very core of it all and that's not funny. The lines “Not Drowning” and “I will breathe” each relate to the hope of clearing away what is blurring the reality of something in all kinds of situations. For a song lyric, I suspected that singing about physics wouldn’t be as common as the idea of jumping in a saltwater pool. I needed a descriptive location for it. “Backyard” didn’t work, so I used the word “nation” because everyone lives in one. That word led me to “radiation,” as that’s what heats up a pool and has a cool sound to it when sung. Mainly, words come to me as sounds, then I search around and form something cohesive, but try not to sacrifice how the words sound.

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