Jen Majura - Vocals

Jen Majura © tom row

Hailing from Stuttgart, Germany, Jen Majura recorded all of the vocals on Invisible Signs. After Jen happened to ask Mike to record drums for one of her famous “1 min. jams” spots for her Instagram page in 2020, Mike was sure that she was the one to recruit to record for his album. The bulk of Invisible Signs requires a “rock” style voice, but the nuances needed a tinge of the Motown or ‘swing’ that doesn’t usually accompany the rock metal genre singers. Jen’s ability to span diversity of skill, diversity of style, diversity of quality, accompanied by professionalism, made her an easy person to commit to. Stylistically tying together songs like Seek and Find and Shine is not an easy task, but Jen succeeded in doing just that.

Although she is known primarily as a world-renowned guitarist, Jen is a total musican, engineer, producer, composer, solo artist and teacher. Here’s the link to the One Minute Jam of “Sir Duke."

In addition to singing on this album, Jen played the opening guitar solo on the song, “Deep Inside.” She has two solo albums and also was the guitarist for the band Evanescence from 2015 to 2022.

Another aspect of Jen’s talents that are in common with Mike is her affinity for teaching. She not only teaches and mentors hopeful guitarists and musicians, but she is a freatured solo act for many guitar camps, seminars and clinics. Even more important to Mike, she also was very helpful and a great communicator to offer sound and diction suggestions while he tweaked, then changed some lyrics to suit Jen’s style, pronunciation and tone. Having a sense of humor during these vocal tracking sessions and meetings was of paramount importance. Jen was quite kind when it came to Mike’s non-singing skills while providing vocal guides.

Mike said, “Jen, Jen, Super Jen…. she is tireless, meticulous, generous and amazingly talented. Her singing, songwriting, understanding of phoentics in lyrics ridiculously incredible engineering skills and suprising mastery of video and social media software would make any person feel very, very lazy compared to her. Super Jen indeed."

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